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Monday, 30 July 2007

The purpose

If you wonder why do I need two blogs instead of one, then you're like me :)
The idea actually is quite simple, though the title might be little confusing.
It is To The Future With Love, but it's not intended to be read as "a message to the future". Actually it is meant to be "our path to the future".
Which leads to the main goal of this blog.
I'm about to past here every article I meet on my way, which I consider important for our progress as a civilization. So prepare yourself for lots of tekie-like articles form NewScientist or whatever. I'm try to paste only things that make sense to me, but still, some things could be quite futuristic. I hope you'll enjoy this possibility to meet with the edge of science, the frontier of our New World. I will for sure.
And it will be a great way to keep a diary of all the interesting articles I read and forget.
So, that's it, enjoy this new blog and if something really interests you, please make sure you comment it, becaue it's important for me to know what you think. I'll leave my comments too.
Bye and all best!

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