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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

GMo publication

I'm proud to inform you about my first official publication. Unfortunately it turned up not to be in the field I supposed but who cares! It's mine!
Check out this:
This is my comment on the idea of EU to allow import of genetically modified crops for use in the industry and as food for the cattle. Because it has been cut quite much, I decided to post my original letter here, so that you can appreciate the work of the editor. :) Enjoy! (like in discover the differences). And join the Resistance! Say No to GMo junk!

To say that Europe will lose from staying away from GMo foods is a lie. On the contrary, USA, Argentina and the other produces of modified crops will lose and that's the problem. It's obvious that the american loby in Europe is talking in this article, but I hope EU will never let all those crops with unclear history in our market.
First of all, no modified crop offer such a good price and production. Yes, they are less expensive as seeds but they are more expensive as producion costs and care.
The climate changes and these crops are not going to stand the variations. On the contrary, only the natural seeds, with their variety and survival tools can be productive. Nature is an eco-system that can adapt and adjust so that most of its species will survive. But those crops are no part of that eco-system. They are created to destroy. Not only they won't survive the changes, but they will also kill the natural crops and decrease our production drastically.
Many countries don't want those crops on their soil. But if their neighbours grow such crops, they don't have a chance. As these crops are made to multiply and destroy all other alternatives. And then, we should pay Monsanto that we grow Their seed!
The nutritional qualities of those crops are still unclear! Although USA is one big test group of Monsanto's food, it has never been watched properly. So, don't let EU people on such bio-hazard.
I think Europe should stay its ground and say clear and loud NO to modified food. Not because we don't trust the bio-technology, but because we shouldn't trust the crops we have now. They are created for nothing but profit, and as with the DDT, they dont show such a good effect on human body.
Please, consider all the controversity going on with the health issue in USA and all the observations about complications in babies and children's health in the USA.
I really really hope, Europe will protect our best interests and NEVER let those crops come here. I even hope that EU will get more stringent measures in checking the content of food labelled as organic, because that's what I expect. We HAVE to know what we eat. And I don't want to eat genetically modified food!

Denitsa Staicova
Sofia, Bulgaria
comment on " Trade chief requests EU 'green light' for GMOs"
ref: /en/trade/trade-chief-requests-eu-green-light-gmos/article-164642

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