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Thursday, 25 October 2007

The beginning of telemedecine

The European Commission has called for experts to share their views on telemedicine as part of policy proposals on innovative technologies for chronic disease management due next year.

In view of publishing a communication on telemedicine and innovative technologies for chronic disease management in September next year, the Commission launched, on 11 October, a public consultation to gather expertise from different member states on the issue.

The Commission is thus inviting experts to share their experience and give concrete examples of their main achievements in the field. Experts are encouraged to detail their reasons - geographical, skills shortages or the need for complementary expertise.

Another aim of the consultation is to consider eventual obstacles linked to patient reimbursement, acceptance from the medical community and legal problems encountered in developing these technologies.

The consultation is open until 26 October and the responses will help structure the TeleHealth 2007 conference, due to take place on 11 December. source

My comment: I'm very very pro this idea! Because waiting for ours for your GP to see you and doing so just to take a paper for a regular on the gynecologist or regular blood test, it's just outrages. Such a waste of time. And not to mention all the retired people who has to go there every month to get the same medicines, because nothing has changed for them. It's the ultimate idiotisme. It would be so easy if you just make a video chat with your doctor, explain what you want and if all it's fine, just move to the next level. It'll save money, time and common respect to all involved.

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