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Thursday, 16 October 2008

For once, your opinon counts

As part of a program I joined, I figured out that I may have somewhat wrong approach on my blogs (yeah, you learn stuff from all kind of weird sources). I tend to write only about what I'm interested and about what I consider important for the other people. And that's kind of one-sided.

Today, I'm gonna ask you what is important for you. What do you want to read in this blog? I am a scientist, I have knowledge on some things and I'm following very closely some various, so I can offer one more point of view. Sometimes even a valuable point of view. Yes, I'm not unique, in the net, nobody is unique, though we all are. But I'm writing this blog as much for me as for you and I want to comment what you find interesting.

I do believe science is important for people, that people really need to know what's going on, what we're finding out, what we're excited for. I don't believe in populist science, I don't think people's opinion should control scientists, just as people's opinions aren't controlling economists, for example. But we can happilly coexist together and enrich each other lives with our different experiences. So, let's start interacting for a change.

So, to leave me a message about what you find fascinating, what's troubling you or what you're simply interested, in the science that is, just make a comment below. I don't require email or whatever, so it's spam-safe. If you want to see what other people are saying, click the "follow thread" box (or whatever its name is). I find this option extremely useful when I'm writing a comments, because this way I never miss valuable discussions. And since all the comments are moderated by me, you won't receive any spam, that's for sure.

That's it, I'm expecting your opinions. I'm commited to make this blog interesting not only for me, but for you too, so let's do it together. In the end, science and knowledge deserve it.


cube said...

If you want an honest opinion, I'll give you one.

I have commented on your blog on a couple of occasions, maybe more, but I don't recall your reciprocation on mine.

Not a big deal. My blog content can become rather political around election time and that does turn off much Blog Explosion readership, so I understand.

Missy said...

Can you post your thoughts on the Hadron Collider?

Brenda Ang said...

You're a scientist huh? Write about your studying experience and how you become a scientist?? Lol, I'm a student, so I'm interested :)

Denitsa said...

Cube-the reason is simple- I only approve new sites in BlogExplosion which means I don't see one blog twice. And when I see something interesting I always comment.
But still, you're right, I should have commented back. I apologise. I'll try to be better in this. And I'd still like to know which fields of science interest you, so that I can blog on them more often.

Missy- I have posted on LHC couple of times, but I will again, I see this is quite interesting to people.

Brenda-lol, good idea. But it's gonna get little bit schizophrenic-you study/work, you're depressed, you go on conference-you have FUUUUUUUUUUUUN! :)