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Monday, 24 November 2008

October top 10-Buy Now!

Interested in science?

Yes? Then you're just like me!

I'm obsessed with science and I spend hours and hours, checking on the latest and coolest news, reading trough tons of interesting articles and exploring different directions that these articles can lead to. The information these days is everywhere and all you need to do is tap in and learn.

The best sides of Internet, however, are also the worst. The time you need to check all those sites is the time you're not going to spend with your family, friends or even worst -- on your job.

As fun and educative as it is, reading about cool stuff that other people discovered is not going to prepare you a diner, it's not going to make love to your boyfriend or girlfriend and most definitely, it's not going to write your long overdue research. Guess how I figured that out? Oh, well...

Learning this in the hard way, I figured that since I cannot fight my obsession, I better at least help other people just like me.

First, it was the blog. The idea of TTFWL is to inform people of news I find particularly interesting and important. It allowed me to follow stories, to look for development in certain fields and to put my personal notes on the discoveries. Notes that sometimes get pretty carried away. Anyway, I figured it was an easy way to not forget the cool things I read and in the same time, to share them with people with similar interests.

The problem of the blog is that it's too random. There are so many stories that look interesting and fun, that it's hard to find the important ones. This is where my bulletin comes in.

Top 10” offers the best from my blog in a very shortened format. It's all about saving time and still being informed. Top 10 offers the 10 most important news from the past month that I discussed on my blog. With my notes rewritten from the perspective of time and space. This is a log, all right, but a real one-only the essentials that matter. It still covers many areas, but they are no longer that random. They are the best from the rest. They are what made the month in science for me.

Why my Top 10 is different? Because it follows my own priorities. And my priorities are to find the Truth. So everything that could lead to more of the Truth will be on the list. Also, I'm not interested in abstract things, I like to see the practical side of the discoveries, to consider them from the Future they could lead to.

My goal is to provide you the most important discoveries for the month. And to make it in a way, that you won't need to read trough tons of nonsense, just to get the two paragraphs that mattered.

In the end, it won't cost you more than a small lunch, I think it's more than worthy the money. Again, it's the time that matters and what I want is to give you the time I spent gathering this information. I think it's more than a fair deal.

Interested in science? Of course you are! Now you have the unique opportunity to join me in my quest for information and to enjoy my findings.

October's edition is out now. Buy now for only 15 euros:

You can also subscribe for 6 months from now on:

The process of the selling is you pay trough paypal and leave your email there and I'm gonna send you the ebook after the payment. And that's it. As simple as it is.

That's it from me folks! I hope you enjoy it!

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