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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Little personal update

Hi all! And Happy New Year from me!

I wanted to tell you few things about this blog, to keep you updated. As from the new year, my publications will come out once or twice weekly (not every 2 days like now).

Well, I spent unbelievable amount of time working on it, posting stuff, sifting trough information, preparing it for you. The idea of the blog was to share the information I consider important with you. However it turned into a burden. I simply got obsessed. Which I wouldn't mind, if the blog was more successful or at least more alive. But the 100-150 people that visit it each week simply don't want to write, they don't want to discuss. Then what's the point of going trough all that trouble for something that's not appreciated by others? Ok, I still believe what I do is important, but I got little burned out. And I think I took a wrong direction at some point. I wanted to make the blog more popular than sincere and valuable to me. And that will change.

Of course, I have a lot of posts planned so you won't feel the effect for a while. Probably after a month or so. But eventually, when I publish all the stuff I planned, you'll find a different blog. A blog that will have really essential information. Or my personal researches. Or stuff like that. Things that I find important. If you are interested, I'm glad. If not, I wish you all best.

I simply don't want to spend my life talking about somebody else's discoveries. I want to make my own discoveries andI'll focus on that for a while. I still believe I can do science and blogging at the same time. I only have to find the harmony in the two. Yep. It's all about the harmony as Pythagoras would say.

So, enjoy the last erm abundant posts. After that, we'll see.

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