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Monday, 22 June 2009

Dinosaurs special, june, 2009


  1. Dinosaurs 'survived in a remote 'lost world' for half a million years before extinction'
  2. Dinosaurs declined before mass extinction
  3. Beaked, bird-like dinosaur tells story of finger evolution
  4. Sands of Gobi Desert yield new species of nut-cracking dinosaur
  5. First dino 'blood' extracted from ancient bone
  6. Discovery raises new doubts about dinosaur-bird links

Short stories:
  1. Dolphins maintain round-the-clock visual vigilance
  2. Scientists discover ultrasonic communication among frogs
  3. Darwin in a test tube: Scientists make molecules that evolve, compete, mimick behavior of Darwin's finches
You might wonder why this post is dedicated to the dinosaurs. Well, it's simple. You might remember that recently I posted an article about a dish with an image resembling a dinosaur. Rational people wouldn't expect that humans had any interaction with that species since they were long gone when we emerged on the planet. However, how can we explain this dish, then?! Or how can we explain the stories of dragons- can you think of anything closer to a dinosaur in the mythology? There are such stories even in Bulgarian mythology! And I will go one step further-many of the beasts in that stories were sentient-dragons are often sources of wisdom in some mystical traditions. And if we think about it, dinosaurs ruled the Earth for so long, how do we know they were just animals? That's why, today it's a dinosaur's day! Enjoy!

As for the short stories, they all show how little we actually know about animals and their skills and intellect.

Dinosaurs 'survived in a remote 'lost world' for half a million years before extinction'

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